An imageless post

So, I searched a bit for a shot that might work for tonight’s post, but unfortunately I have none in my possession that seems to fit the purpose. After a well deserved and self prescribed diet of “news free” content, I had to break down and watch a little bit of the ongoing footage after speaking with my ex-wife. (man I hate that term…..excellent mother of my daughter……that sounds better now doesn’t it) Anyway, nothing speaks more for the hope of the human spirit than the rescue of these miners in Chile. From the tireless work of the rescue crew to the resilient energy of the trapped miners to the strength of the family members back home….now this is news. I can only hope that the media takes a clue from this one about what is REALLY important. If not, I guess its back to my diet…away from the negative garbage that seems to creep into the mainstream.

For more inspiration about what is really possible with the right mindset, check this out:

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