An update….3 years later!

Has it really been 3 years since I have updated this blog? Whaaaat?

When I first started this little journey of sharing my life, art, and travels here, I posted daily! Of course that was a while ago, and before the million platforms that are now out there to share your story. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, …… it can all seem a bit exhausting. Not to mention (as I can see from my last post), the 2016 election became a distraction for me as I shifted my precious time allotted for content consumption into what has become a never ending rabbit hole of controversy, division, and to be honest with you….TIME SUCK!

Well, its time to pull myself out of the hole.

I’ll keep this update kind of brief for now, but I am thinking of navigating over to Squarespace. Looking for a little change up as well as getting away from the constant security updates and plugin upgrades. If that happens, it will just be an easy redirect (I think). Have you had any experience with Squarespace as a host or platform?

Anyway, the goal is to stay a bit more active this year. I hope to do a bit more traveling so I’ll definitely be sharing that! Also, I have been a bit more active on Youtube and Instagram so make sure and follow me there too!

Wow, on a side note, this dashboard and back of house interface for wordpress looks ALOT different. Guess things change if you are not around in 3 years!

Here are a couple of images (yes, I am STILL photographing as much as possible!) from a trip about a year ago to the amazing country of Iceland as well as a video I created with Animoto from a few more of the images. Incidentally, the new wordpress interface was actually much easier to upload and view this post with now that I am done. Maybe I’ll keep it here? We shall see. As always, more on ALL of this later 🙂

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