Another cool space – Somewhere in London

I couldn’t tell you where exactly this is to save my life. I was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be though. Kinda like the TSA….you know, the “Tub Stacking Authority” as my friend Trey Ratcliff likes to call them….over zealous security kinda rubs me the wrong way. You think I would be used to it by now though. For the most part, its a necessary evil. Take for instance, the industry I spend a few million hours a year in…the special events industry. They do keep a bit of order backstage as they keep the audience from trampling upon our fragile show systems and components. I get that…and it seems to work out for the best. The kind I seem to have a run in every now and then is of course with the infamous “tripod police.”

While wandering along the Thames on my recent trip to London, I stumbled into this rather cool 40′ tall or so open glass atrium attached to a modern looking office building. A great candidate for some interior HDR images….so I thought. As I walked thru with the D3 and tripod slung over the shoulder however, I noticed the evil piercing eyes from the two security guards nervously scanning the space for intruders……or in this case, perhaps someone to throw their authority at. You know, its kinda funny how that silly little polyester uniform seems to do that to a person. I kinda knew there was no way I was going to be able to “set up camp”, but I asked anyway. Well, not sure whether it was a secret government building, a private corporate office, or just a bad day for the clowns with the badges…..but it was a resounding NO. Well, no worries. There was alot more to capture in jolly ole’ London….but only after I caught a quick capture of this cool walkway on the way out 🙂

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