Another from the fall and then meet the artist – Martin Heck from TimeStorm Films

There is something quite calming about the water. Calming unless you fall in of course!

Man, I bet that would have been cold….

The melt was in full swing as I bounced from rock to rock setting up for the perfect composition. The fall color was not exactly at peak, so I decided to go after a different subject all together.

Anything around a second or 2 is bound to give a little bit of that soft water effect. Its a dance though. If there is too much light, there is always the neutral density filter to cut back a few stops. Not sure if I needed it here, but I do know one thing….I didn’t fall in (this time!)

The Daily Image – The River Flows

The river flows

I decided to dig into the nature archives for tonights image as I was inspired by this weeks “Meet the Artist” post. It takes a special breed to head out into the elements to bring this amazing world back for all to see. I personally take this journey quite seriously (well, not quite THAT seriously), but I do at least like to carve out that personal time. I was inspired to be OK with  that after I saw a post from Dan Harding from success magazine about how he takes a trip 4 times a year to get himself back on track and back to “center”. Sounds like a great plan to me!

Its people like this that I really admire though!

Meet the Artist – Martin Heck from TimeStorm Films

His art came across my radar today. Reading a bit on his latest time-lapse from New Zealand, it seems like his latest creative project is over 4 months in the making. As mentioned in his caption on Vimeo : This was shot over 4 month, travelling through amazing landscapes, sleeping under the stars, hiking on mountains and exploring remote roads……

Now that’s dedication to the art!

Check it out.


AWAKENING | NEW ZEALAND 4K from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

And then, find more from Martin and his art below!

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