Another great day in the event lighting world

One of the greatest parts of creating and providing lighting for the special events industry is the fact that a day at the office can mean a day at just about anywhere. Last week, we were fortunate to be chosen as the lighting vendor for a wedding in a most unique location…..a horse farm in Ocala.

Large Oak in Ocala

The area under this 200 year old oak tree was a most unique setting for the clear top and clear sided tent. Just outside of the frame, camera left, are 2 more trees equally as impressive and massive as this one. I must admit that I was a little intimidated by the scale of this pallette and my ability to illuminate these monsters adequately. Sometimes that insecurity and doubt is just what you need to continually challenge yourself and keep you on your toes. As it stands, the end result was quite drop dead gorgeous. More to follow this week!

Seems content

Enjoying the sun

Coming over to talk to me

Because the celebration was divided into 3 or 4 distinct areas for the wedding, cocktails, and reception, golf carts were decidedly the best mode of transportation. Of course, I couldn’t help but stop and say high to these beauties as I cruised about the farm during setup.
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