Arches National Park and a Quick Tip for Tuesday

“To teach is to learn twice over.” – Joseph Joubert

In an effort to start infusing a little structure into this blog and my posts, I have decided to fire up the ole’ YouTube videos again and start sharing a few tips. I am struggling as well as holding myself from naming is something as lame as “Tips on Tuesday” or “Tuesdays quick tips” or “Under two – Quick Photo Tips on Tuesday”. The lame name train has definitely arrived.

The first of many to come is of course epically long as I want these to be short little nuggets of goodness; quick tips and tricks for my friends in the digital photography, processing, and creative space. I am sure it will evolve and get better. Like I said though, my goal is to keep them short. Wish me luck with that as this weeks video is about 6 minutes longer than my target length I would like to see them at!

See this weeks video at the bottom of this post or click here.  Stay tuned every Tuesday for more!

The Daily Image – The Amazing Arches of Utah

There are some 2000 or so arches around this area of Utah! I spent a couple days exploring all I could, but this place is definitely on my “revisit” bucket list. I messed around with a few night photography and light painting techniques one night out here that I hope to share soon. An amazing place, especially at night when the tour buses are gone! Bet its REALLY quite these days with the parks being shut down. Sad isn’t it?!


Quick tip Tuesday – Inspecting images for dust in Lightroom 5

If your anything like me, you change lenses a lot and don’t really take the time to clean off your camera sensor like you should. I talk a little bit about one of the ways I have recently started using Lightroom 5 to methodically inspect my images for dust spots before I post them.

Or click here for the video!

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