Art in architecture

“Architecture traditionally has been the slowest of art forms. It was not unusual for great cathedrals to take centuries to complete, with stylistic changes from Romanesque to Gothic or Renaissance to Baroque as common as the addition of chapels or spires. But because the function remained the same, the form could be flexible and its growth organic.” – Martin Filler

So I’m not exactly a fan of these “converging lines” but sometimes the overwhelming scale of these places forces me to just put on the ultra-wide 14-24, tilt up, and grab a few brackets! Wouldn’t it be great to have unlimited access to places like this all the while, being able to use tripods, flash, and crew freely as needed. I have a feeling that I would come across with some amazing images……with a few less tilting verticals. Till then, all I have to share is this. Enjoy 🙂


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