At the dock in Reykjavik

At the dock in Reykjavik, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

Just in case you were wondering about the ominous, foreboding clouds in the background, yes, they quite literally opened up seconds after I shot this. Cut to the next frame, there goes Mike… gear flapping all over as he dashes for cover into olde’ Reykjavik. I gotta admit, I spent about a week there and not only did I never get the pronunciation right, I still have to double check the spelling! Good grief, I mean look at that word!

I was quite excited to find out that several of my images from this trip that I turned over to the client were used in a really cool wrap up booklet that told the story of this incentive program. I was even more blown away that some of my people shots were used as well. This means alot to me as there were a few times I felt as if I was in a bit over my head. I enjoy those visits outside of the comfort zone!

I’ll post a couple more this week….stay tuned 🙂

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