At the foothills of the Boulder – Boulder, Colorado

I was covering a lot of ground that day, as I often do on my photo trips. Keeping up with the fast paced traffic, I almost missed this amazing scene. Glad I took a few minutes to stop for it 🙂

After a few days in the Rockies (I really need to work on a few of THOSE images soon), I found myself speeding through the lil town of Boulder on my way to the airport. Its hard to tell from the shot, but I actually took this panorama from just outside the car. In fact, I might have actually been IN the car now that I think of it!

At the foothills in Boulder (and looking for Teletubbies)

I often shake my head as I notice the average drive blazing by a scene like this, staring straight ahead (or at their smartphones!) instead of slowing down to notice the scene beside them. Kinda sad…..

Looks like a scene from a Tele Tubbies episode doesn’t it? If you have a kid, you might get that one. (pretty strange show wasn’t it?……and tubby toast? remember that?)

And I digress…..again….


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