At the foothills of the Eastern Sierras (or somewhere in California!)

I was thinking a bit about California today as I watched some of the national weather happenings out on the West Coast. Last time I was out there it was pretty damn crispy! I know they need rain pretty badly, but man, not all at once! Anyway, I remember passing this old abandoned house as I was driving along the Eastern side of the Sierra Mountains. It was so dry that I remember passing a few lakes that were pretty big on the map as well as the GPS, and well, not exactly there when I passed them. Dry as a bone.

Looks like El Ninio (I still have NO IDEA what that even is) might be changing all of that.

In the foothills of the Eastern Sierras

I actually had no idea how popular these little old houses were by the way. There are even a few hashtags that people use to refer to them. There are a couple of them, but in case you are interested, they are along I 395 (I am pretty sure!) And yes, I baked this one a little bit, but I think it works with this grungy and crunchy environment 🙂

More to come daily!



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