Bahamas….day 1

Well, we are off and running here in the ole’ Caribbean. Although we intended on beginning the day first thing in the morning, a bit of a snaggle with the container deliver put us right back on island time LOL. A 1:15PM start put us a weee bit behind, but my stellar team put it into high gear and I think we are back on track. Internet is a bit spotty except for the little bars down by the harbor, so don’t expect too many updates. I had this wacky idea that I was going to be able to update with a video post every night. HAAAAA…..not gonna happen, sorry. I am getting a bunch of clips as we progress though, so I can only guess that an epic video might appear on this blog someday, so stay tuned. As I type this, the waves are splashing off to the right side of me and the cool Bahamian breeze reminds me of how lucky I am to have been chosen for this project. More to follow soon 🙂

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