Banyon on the Bike Trail – and a Sunfest 2010 wrap-up video

Well, the end of another great Sunfest weekend has about come to a close. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this one more that any I can recently remember. Although the music was quite lame and the food had a lot to be desired (unless you actually were looking for a full on artery block…..I mean, is it too much to ask for a fruit, vegetable, or salad ANYWHERE in this festival?) sorry, I’m back…..where was I now? Did I finish that sentence? Never mind…

For me, it was a few things. The time off (finally), the art booths (I always love seeing artists give their gift to the world, and of course best of all, the precious time with my child. I look forward to next year!

Here’s a quick little wrap up of the fireworks finale’ of the event. Enjoy 🙂

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