Before the loadin

When we finally get to the load-in on a show of this size, sometimes I tend to get in the way. I am really not involved in the details at the shop leading up to this point. You see, after I complete the design and I hand the plot off to my shop, an intense preparation is done. Lamps marked, automated lighting dialed in, cables labeled and cased up……it’s prepped like a concert tour! I may have joked a bit on my last post cause, well, its kinda fun. In reality, my incredible team is the only reason that this load in is never a train wreck. Oh, it definitely has all the ingredients for one! I have to thank Chris, Sarah, Eric, and Keith for keeping “our” train on track and getting us this far. Thanks guys!

This is a shot from yesterday before the onslaught of equipment. Points are being marked with a scurrying of riggers in the background and Mikes clowning around with the camera!

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