Big ole’ tower

Sure its been shot a million times, but it seemed like a fitting end for my last few posts. Its nice to take a little mental vacation once in a while, and Paris seemed to be the best place to do it. I don’t care where in the world you have been, or how many times you have seen the Eiffel Tower, but there is nothing like being here at night. To sit back on a cool evening with a bottle of Beaujolais and a nice Parisian basket of goodies….ahh….Oui Oui!!! My best memory here was catching the fireworks at Bastille Day one year. And to think this monument was originally disliked by many Parisians!

Well, I have a few more to post, but I’ll do that some other day. Tomorrow and over the weekend, I hope to post a few from last weekends show and the events this week. Seasons starting to pick up a bit. Till then, enjoy 🙂

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