Boardwalk in Key Largo

WOW, a whole year blogging! Has it really been that long? A year ago to this day (well, I missed it by a day actually) was my first post in the blogosphere. While out of town on an event, I decided that my time had come… try to post an interesting image with a little thought to go with it……..once a day.

Here is the link to that pos

My original intention was to post a variety of images. As a lighting designer for special events, I have had the great opportunity to work on some incredible events over the years. With 2007 being such a great year, the momentum and energy was still quite fresh as I entered this event in California that was the subject of my first post. Well, have times changed alot in a year……wow……but more on that in a bit.

I must first admit that the idea of blogging and sharing images with the world was not really a unique idea or mine at all. A few months before that post, I had been following a couple of other notable blogs. My friend Steve LaRose had started a blog called Life in the Corporate Theater. A daily read for me now. Up until then, he was the first person I had actually known personally that was blogging. Until then, I hadn’t even considered it. What on earth would I have to say on a daily basis or view for that matter that the world would want to see? Isn’t there enough content out there? Well, Steve taught me that there is always room for another voice.

Another huge influence has been Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs. I link to him on this blog. His HDR work has always amazed me and as a traveler and visual artist, he has been quite an inspiration. I have traveled quite a bit in the last few years, but Trey’s work has taught me to view scenes like I never have before. One of those mysteriously wonderful things about the internet, a friend you might never actually meet!

Of course, there are other countless blogs as well that talk shop about camera’s, techniques, and software. While these are a necessary stop and quite informative for an aspiring photographer or imaging artist, they are certainly not the type of posts you would see outta this guy! I have never been the salesman and selling gear or software is, well, lets just say…..not my style.

So, enter me. Actually, I had no idea that I was gonna stay current with this. Not sure why though. I used to back pack Europe every summer and have logged several hours of recorded thoughts. Verbal diarrhea perhaps to some, but great therapy for me I guess. There is something quite cool about listening back to a random thought or rambling session I recorded on a train traveling the country side of France 16 years ago! I don’t think I had a clue what my life would turn out like back then……and that was totally OK. (I kinda feel that way now, the more I think about it). Putting coherent thoughts together in a somewhat readable and interesting format, (unlike the taping rambles of years past) however, was going to be my biggest challenge.

At the point I started this diary, things looked quite brilliant on the horizon. Big jobs, out of town opportunities, personal travel, self assignments…….there was quite a lot I was looking forward to sharing. The posts of events I was looking forward to sharing this season, however, started to become a little disappointing. There were either multiple events on the same day making it impossible to capture all of them, or large time spans of nothing. Not quite the season that we were all hoping for.

I guess that’s what brings me to this image. A bridge. To where? Can anyone see what’s on the other side? Does it matter? Is the bridge at least safe to walk on? Will it be there to come back later?

Alot has happened in my life over the last 3 years. Challenges, frustrations, disappointments, ….. I know, we all have them. Life is good though. In fact, change is good…..if understood and embraced. Sure, sometimes you have no idea what’s on the other side of these life changing courses, but you have to have faith. Faith in your decisions, faith in your future, and faith in yourself!

With all this change and uncertainty in the world these days, its hard to tell what’s ahead and over the bridge. I can almost guarantee one thing though. I’ll be there blogging my way through it, sharing my challenges along the way, and working on my artistic creations (and perhaps, taping some more verbal diarrhea to listen back to!)

Thanks for listening 🙂

(oh man, the fire alarm is going off……gotta run!)  

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