Boston Church 1

Here’s another shot of the church that this pinhead forgot to find the name of! Kind of leaves you wanting more information! I know, sorry. Well, its in Boston….I know that much. This was a handheld 5 shot exposure. Why no tripod Mike? Well, remember, I’m the one who forgot to grab the name of the Church! The tripod was enjoying a nice nap… the hotel room! Nuff said. 

I am up here with a team of freelance AV techs on a pharmaceutical meeting. A few of the other guys are into photography as well, so we go out shooting in our downtime. I introduced a couple of them to HDR photography a while ago and have been coaching them along. The funny part is that I am learning this stuff as I go along as well! It’s cool to share your knowledge when you can.

HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is the process of bracketing your shots as to expose for the extreme highlights to the extreme shadows. I find the process quite fascinating. Some people love, some hate it. I take these exposures into Photomatix and create an HDR file. It then gets “tonemapped” as I see fit, then I finish my adjustments, contrast enhancements, and sharpening in CS3.

You can see some shots on my blog of this process. My last 2 posts are from a church up here in Boston!


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