Boston Harbor – wandering the city searching for the light

I struggled a bit to think of something profound or even remotely funny, and well, the tap runnith dry. After tonight’s outing, I’m not sure I have any laughter in me! Some cool HDR’s to follow soon though….

About a year ago, to this day I believe, I was with the same team that I am here with in Denver. We annually get a chance to work on a pretty easy gig. Taken in Boston during last years event, we found a few opportunities to wander about and capture the nighttime color of the city. Its always fun for me to get together with a few fellow HDR cats and share tips on composition, processing, and techniques. We ended up getting out a bit late this evening, well past the blue hour, so these images might take a bit of work. More on that soon.

Speaking of cats, I saw this clip today. Hilarious!

Oh yeah, one more thing. If one were to commission the work of an artist to create a statue of say, perhaps, a lion for a dramatic structure in a park sitting atop a column about 12′ wide and 16′ tall, wouldn’t one expect the lion to at least be life-size? Very strange…..and was that not the longest run on sentence ever?

Yeah, another very silly evening. Good times 🙂

More tk…..

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