Bryce Canyon Hoodoos and another quick tip


Funny name but a cool place to explore. The trip down of course was the easy one. Snaking back up the long trail in the late afternoon, not so much.

I wasn’t really happy with the light and cloud cover when I was there but I snapped a few brackets anyway. This one has been sitting on the pile for a while till I decided to work it over a bit with the “Oil Paint” filter in photoshop. Its missing in version 2014 (not sure why!) so make sure and keep your copy of CS6 or CC if you have it! Its a fun filter to play with 🙂

Bryce Canyon Oil Painting

Todays quick tip (These quick tip Tuesday Tips are about to get really quick now!) has us in the Nik Color EFXpro plugin which is part of the Nik Collection now owned by google. Its one of my favorites and one that I have used hundreds of times. I just noticed a little something new with it the other day that I share in this video. Funny I never noticed it. Its a quick tip and nothing epic, but thats what these are….quick tips (we got it Mike!)

Here is the plugin by the way. Thirty days to try it for free 🙂

And now for the tip…..

Or watch the video here!

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