Buildings in Boston, a unique perspective

You know, I’ve had this conversation with several people recently……about perception and perspective. I find it fascinating how several people can be in the same location at the same time, but yet see completely different things. This becomes quite apparent while with a group of photographers on say a workshop or a photowalk. I love looking at the images after one of these to see the perspective of another visualist. Although I knew I wanted create a unique perspective of this scene upon capture, I must admit that the real adventure truly happened in post while playing in photoshop. It will, however, open up my mind’s eye while looking for new perspectives on future walks!

So, rambling on a bit more….

There seems to be an intense focus on positive thought and mind control recently (or at least, that I have noticed it more…once again, a perception). Certainly a process that I am working on as I continue my journey through life. I know that this down economy has hit a lot of people in a pretty hard way, but with every challenge comes an opportunity. I know this sounds like a lot of horse shit to some people, but its true. I can think of no better time in history to work hard on creating and visualizing the future you want for yourself. Through what appears to be a great need for this positive energy, there is an endless supply of great websites, books, and CD’s to feed your mind… grab a plate and dig in. Feed your mind with the fuel it need to excel and propel yourself into the future you deserve!

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