Bumbling about the Oregon Coast

Bumbling….indeed how I do feel sometimes when chasing the light. This trip was definitely no exception. Its funny how the sun appears to be falling at the rate a bowling ball would when you’re racing to find a place to capture this special time of day!

Along the Oregon Coast, the sea is quite cold; unique, but very cold. As I studied a few of the locals heading to the beach in this part of the country, I noticed that they seemed to be a bit more focused……perhaps sophisticated as well…..?

Just before exploring the tide pools off in the distance, I decided to plop down in the warm sand to capture the amber light that was beginning to paint the landscape in this coastal paradise. Good God, that was one of the longest sentences ever! And kinda lame too…..

Anyway, hope ya like it…..the image that is….

And, to continue a sort of recurring theme this week….music that inspired the edit:

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