Captiva Morning Color and Meet the Artist Gary Vaynerchuk

“Two golden hours somewhere between sunrise and sunset. Both are set with 60 diamond minutes. No reward is offered. They are gone forever.” – Horace Mann

We are all given a gift every morning. An opportunity to get up to see the new day awaken and if you are lucky, usher in it’s existence with a slash of brilliant color and light. Do I personally always get up to great this amazing gift myself? Well……

Lately though, I have been setting up the D800 to capture those time-lapse moments right off the balcony. In fact, I have done that for 6 days straight and hope to share it here soon in a short clip. will probably be about 10 days of sunrises I think. Can you think of a catchy name I can use? Best name gets a cookie! Or better yet, a link to your art 🙂

The Daily Image – Golden Morning in Captiva

Golden morning in Captiva

This image as a print as well as many more!

and then of course, part deux……

Meet the Artist – Gary Vaynerchuk

As I mentioned when I started this Sunday theme, I have a broad definition of the word Artist. Sure, we’ll get around to profiling some amazing photographers, digital painters, and movie makers here with this topic as I know that a few of my followers (like myself) love to be introduced to inspiring creatives! For tonight though, lets look into the art of sharing your story. This might come easy to some, but for me has always been a little bit of a struggle I think. I guess its with that thought that I would like to introduce (for those who haven’t heard of him by now) to Gary Vaynerchuk.

I am presently plowing through his amazing book called the Thank You Economy. The world is changing….rapidly! Gary has an uncanny knack for being right on and just ahead of the curve in all things social media, branding, marketing, promoting, and as he like to put it…”Telling your own unique and powerful story in a noisy social world”.

Here is a little bit more about him from a New York Times article….

As an entrepreneur and  owner of a couple of businesses myself, this has always been I have realized the importance of, yet struggle a bit with. You might understand that as well if you are reading this too!  Keeping your eye on these ever changing platforms and ways to tell YOUR unique story takes a little work. Knowing that and as a life long learner, I am constantly looking out for artists to learn from.

His latest creation, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook (as seen below), should be here any day. I look forward to hearing a little more about how this artist paints the pages with his brilliant and colorful words. Click the book below or here for more about the new book!



For a little peak into his vision and style of delivery, check out the video below. He is SPOT ON on a few point here don’t ya think?

Or watch the video here!

As always, I hope you like these little peaks into the creative workings of random artists. I tag them with “Meet the Artist” so you can always link back to them with the categories pull down tab to the right.

Have an amazing and creative week:)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot ….







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