Capturing the moments on stage – A dynamic dance of light, color, and motion

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. – Wayne Dyer

I talk a bit here on the blog about challenging yourself. Putting yourself out there, learning as you go, running and gunning, and patching the mistakes as you go. I love that….I really do. I realize that I am most happy when I am challenging myself with a new project or a challenging creation, even if the quality of the outcome is unknown.

I have set myself up with quite a few of these as of recent. The image below was from a shoot that I thrust myself into and MAN did I learn a lot. Too many details for now, but I promise I will create a full post about it soon.

Just a quick note about this shot though. I was able to get a little clearance out front to set up the sticks and the D800. I then hooked up a pocket wizard 3 to the camera and took one out in the house with me as a remote and was able to watch from the comfort of my seat, firing off a shot whenever the scene moved me. I know, kinda cheating!

With the constant changing levels and huge dynamic range of light on stage, I was so happy to have my D800 out there. The incredible raw files were all I needed to pull huge details out of the shadows and clamp down on those highlights. Processed in Lightroom’s raw processor was all I needed.

Like I said, more soon!

Also, I posted a video recently on my youtube channel about a few of the hidden tricks and settings with the D800 if you are interested. As always, subscribe for more!

And of course, the audio experiment continues!


Incidentally, I did a little research and decided to order a couple of mic to line attenuators after watching a Vimeo video describing the same noise I was getting. I will link to those below as well and keep you posted on the progress in the next recording!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Show Notes

The Zoom H4N Digital Recorder

The ProFX12 Mixer

Attenuator to fix the noise problem

Audio Technica USB/XLR mic

Boss Jock Studios

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