Cathedral Metropolitana

We walked quite a bit our first day here and came across this cathedral near Plaza DeMayo. One of the nice things about our shoot here was there were no “tripod police”! Rob and I took shots all over the place and were never bothered at all.

We are about to wrap up the session for today. It was a simple meeting actually, but the first day of setup was plagued with technical issues. The Argentinean version of the LED lights were totally freaking out. We chased down flickering units for hours. It was a totally unpredictable problem. The ghost in the machine eventually left the room, and we had 2 days of flawless meetings. The presenters have been a mix of English and Spanish speakers. For example, right now, someone is babbling on in Spanish. If it was not for the interpreter, the stage manager would have NO idea what was going on. Every one of us (lighting, sound, stage manager, video engineer, power point operator, and producer) are working on a variety of things on our laptops… cruise control! It was kinda cool to be Skyping the advance crew in Brazil and Steve in Belgium today…..SKYPE chat from 3 different countries. Technology is cool!

We plan to scour the city again for more images. Tomorrow we meet in the lobby at about 11am for the trip to Brazil!

More on all of this later 🙂

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