Chasing the light along the Oregon Coast

“The greatest discoveries have come from people who have looked at a standard situation and seen it differently.” – Ira Erwin

So I decided to use a different technique to pull out some of the details in the dark shadows of a few older images from the archives.  As you must know by now, my normal process of dragging brackets into Photomatix is usually where I start. I still did that, but wasn’t at all happy with the results. I then tried out another process of double processing and taking each of those files into Photoshop, and then refining a bit in Lightroom.

I go through this in a bit more detail in a course I am working on that I hope to release really soon! In fact, I think I might add this one to the series!

Chasing the light in Oregon-2

A funny thing about this one is I don’t remember ever seeing those crazy colored starfish when I captured this one! Amazing what lurks in those deep dark shadows 🙂

Taken along the amazing Oregon Coast….

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