Chasing the light in Utah and a quick tip Tuesday!

“The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be.” – Shakti Gawain

I had just cleared the narrow pass and had no sooner turned the corner when I caught these amazing clouds out of the corner of my eye. Seems like that happens a lot when I am out exploring. Bumbling along the highway without a great subject to frame up close in the foreground, I decided to pull over anyway.

What a gift!

I guess sometimes the subject is simply what it is… amazing creation of light and color beautifully unfolding before your eyes.

And sometimes, thats good enough…..

Chasing the light in Utah

So, switching gears….

I’m really going to start taking the QUICK TIP part of these Quick Tip Tuesdays seriously. In fact, I have self imposed a 2 minute limit on these. My other videos and tutorials are of course going to last as long as they need to, but the Tuesday ones….2 minutes, thats it.

Lets see how this works…..

Or watch the video here!

So I mentioned in the video that I would link to a few sources to inspire you. Some of the greatest works of art in the world are out there at the click of a mouse. Bookmark these sites into your “Art and Creative Inspiration” folder. (you do have one of those don’t you?)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Online

The Louvre Museum Online

The British Museum Online

I personally love getting lost in the paintings of people like Bierstadt, Church, Durand. Their ability to tell a great story with light pulls me right into the canvas!

Who inspires you?


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