Checking in at the Shangra-La

My post this evening has us taking a little trip back to a place I was a few months ago in the wonderful city of Singapore. The reason I decided to grab these out of the file and throw out there to the world has a bit to do with a little lecture I went to last night. The guest speaker at the South Florida Camera Club was a well known local architectural photographer named Jerry Rabinowitz. A great photographer and entertaining speaker! His clients such as Architectural Digest, Florida Design, and Mara-Lago demand quality and realism out of his work. I often start my images out that way, yet frequently go down that road of slight surrealism in the processing. I guess that’s ok though, as my client is, …. well….., me 🙂

In the Lobby of the Shangra-la

Click on each of these to take it to a larger view on black! The detail is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. I remember running about this lobby like a kid with my tripod and kit. The marble, glass, light, and details were a perfect combination for my style of HDR work. As I have said before, some people love it and some absolutely HATE it. Impressionism was also heavily disliked in France in its early years. I suppose all art movements are fought with a little resistance at some level or another.
From the rooftop of the Shangia-La Hotel in Singapore
Atop of the hotel, there was a cool little patio just off of an area that was used for the VIP breakfasts. It had a very hip kinda feel to it and was a nice place to wake up to the vibrant city of Singapore at sunrise. Of course, you have to plan about 15 minutes for the fog to burn off your lenses before a shoot as it is HUMID there! I have a few more from this trip to post someday, so stay tuned 🙂
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