Church in Pingvellir National Park – Iceland

Exploring about 3 days ahead of the group I was documenting in Iceland, I was lucky to have caught the lighting here that I did. I say that, because it was a shame that the rain kept most of the group up near the 4 wheel drive trucks 3 days later, but the weather was pretty ferocious for their tour. After I kinda stumbled upon this site, I trekked for about 4 hours all over this park capturing waterfalls, moss covered lava rock crevices, mountainess landscapes, and the area which…..I am told……is the oldest parliament in Europe. For me, I missed the most interesting little morsel of information during my scouting trip here. When with our guide a few days later, I was informed that the large abisslike cracks in the earth that appeared to literally split this area in half were actually the results of the separation of the the Eurasia and North Americas tectonic plates! Not sure how I missed that little tidbit on the first pass. I guess that just speaks volumes on how fast I tend to travel through these places. Perhaps a little screeching of the tires so to speak might be OK now and then!

So, I could quite literally spend the rest of the next few months posting a cool image a day from Iceland. Perhaps a little slide show might be the way to go. Hmmmm, maybe,……stay tuned 🙂

Click here for a much better view

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