Churchill and Roosevelt hang’in out in infrared

I had a few other images ahead of this in Que, but this one’s cutting in line like a French woman in line at the bakery. I am traveling now and a little delayed in Atlanta, so I am posting a bit early. As we were bouncing arround in the bad weather, I worked on this image a bit. I usually post an image after I have worked on it and looked at it again a few times more, but it was itching to get posted. It was an infrared capture that I totally worked over. There are a few texures from a variety of places. I hope to remember where I got them from and give credit later. Enjoy!

By the way, there is nothing that seems to piss off an airline passenger more than having to step over some pinhead sitting on the floor right near the exit ramp. I needed a place to charge the laptop and about 30 minutes ago, this area was clear! I gotta get outta hear before I get trampled by the angry mob!

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