Clear waters of the Florida Keys

Shadows, color, clouds, water, trees, ……. all good ingredients for a little Florida Keys landscape image. Enjoy!

Not really chatty this evening or feeling very creative with my writing. Its never really been my strong point (as you can tell from the year or so of somewhat lame and half assed posts in this blog to date) but continues to be something I want to work on.

So, I have been thinking of adding just a pinch of focus to my blog. One blog I follow virtually everyday is Scott Kelby’s photoshop insider. He has a couple of days a week that have a repeating theme of sorts. I am kinda leaning towards having a special day every week for an event that I have worked on and also, possibly a day per week that I offer some sort of photo tip. I have a few other ideas, but I don’t want to pigeon hole myself to much. A little structure might be a good idea tough. So, stay tuned 🙂

Have a fantastic week!

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