Another day, another update….

So when did WordPress 4.3 come out? Some nice new updates from what I can see from the 3 minute intro video. Someday I’m actually going to have to take a few hours and actually learn WordPress from the ground up. At the very least, I might want to search for a cheat sheet online. Siri?

Been bumbling about the interface for over 7 years now and I STILL feel like I am barely getting by. I guess that just part of the fun though. Dive in and learn to swim later….

(mike, whats with all the ….’s?)


Todays image

Sharing my work. That was the original purpose of this blog. Inspired by Trey Ratcliff, my journey into the world of HDR, travel, and event illumination felt like a great foundation of content of which to share on a daily basis. Hard to believe it was over 7 years ago that I posted for the first time! A challenge to do this daily though. Trey, I don’t know how you do it!!!

This blog has of course changed a bit over the past few years (I’m actually about to launch yet another theme again soon!), but its still in essence the same. A jumbled collage of random observations of nothing with some cool images to keep you interested! Its been a little difficult to keep posting on a daily basis as there are so many places to share your art, not of which were really either available when I started this, or places that I was a part of. I think I might need a social media schedule 🙂

Till then, let the randomness continue….

Here is a quick one I cooked up from a recent “cloud and storm chasing” afternoon here down in South Florida. Lots happening up in the sky this time of year. I wonder how many people actually take to time to enjoy the view. Do you?

Head in the clouds...again

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