Colors of the night – Singapore Skyline

During one of my little “journeys” into the late of the night in Singapore, I decided to camp out around the water side for a bit. I’ve always been kinda mesmerized a bit by the night time reflections….

But to be totally honest with ya, I’m really not paying attention to what I am typing as I am laughing my butt off while watching family guy at the moment! Sorry, just being honest!

So,  I think I’m gonna get a bit caught up on my lighting images this week. As you might know, the South Florida season usually has me quite busy lighting some incredible social and corporate events. Looks like I’ve been a bit delayed at posting some of this work, and since I am also working a bit on updating that site as well….it seems like a good time!

Also, just a quick note on the images on the blog. If you click on any of these new ones from the new site, I have been using a light-box plugin that enlarges the image and dims out te rest of the screen. Kinda cool, try it!

On a totally unrelated note, I decided to post a clip from a movie coming out this summer. Not sure when its out actually, but I am looking forward to it. I am presently reading the book. Its a great read so I hope the movie is good. Sure, its a chick flick, but its got life change, beautiful visuals, philosophy, travel…..check it out 🙂

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