Crucifixion Scene

So, OK, I know its not the best capture, but its gonna help tell my story this evening. What do you expect when the left hand has the cable release and I’m trying to hit lighting ques with the other! HAHA… aannnyway

Its been said many times that if you can find passion in your work, you’ll never work another day in your life. I am truely blessed that this rings true to me so often.

I love painting pictures. Now, first off, I can’t paint worth a damn……traditional painting that is. For me, there is fortunately another way to paint……to paint with light! I guess that why I love photography and digital imaging so much. I love to try to tell a story, tell the eye where to look, create drama with color, and portray emotion in a scene. Every once in a while, I also get to do this with lighting.

You see, as is so often the case, we are lucky to have enough time to get the gear in the space and get in working let alone having the time to create art. A few times a year however, I get the chance to really sink my teeth into a project. This is a shot from one of those projects.

Creating lighting scenes for live theatre is similar to creating a painting….a 3 dimensional painting. This painting, however, also moves in a fourth dimension….time. As the show progresses, this live painting evolves and tells its story in a way that is quite unique. If everything REALLY clicks….(lighting, sound, voice, action, the audience), even I get a chill up my spine, and as was the case several times tonight, a tear or two. Now thats a great day at the office!

Happy Easter everyone 🙂

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