Dawn of a new day in Palm Beach

As is so often the case with my posts, the image of the day has virtually nothing to do with my actual location at the time. While the warm tropical air of Key West hovers over me on the balcony of my hotel room, I see the random glow of lighting far off near the horizon. After a sun soaked day of goofing of, I am all but completely drained. The thought of getting the tripod out, setting up a shot, and processing an image from the day is…well, just a thought. I have high hopes of getting up early to catch the beautiful start of the day however from just outside of my room. I mean, no kidding, this place is RIGHT on the water. Basically, fall out of bed and shoot! Until then, this is one from up in Palm Beach taken a little while ago. I tried a few little techniques on it. Hope you like!

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