Deep color in #MonumentValley

The first time I visited this magical place, I can remember hanging out at the overlook in a kinda “Clark Griswald” kinda pose. A few glances left and right, a quick smile, a “well, there it is – let’s get going” kinda comment, followed by a quick glance at the watch. Its been nice to slow down, appreciate, and see the world thru a whole new set of eyes over the past couple of years since I got back into the world of digital photography 🙂
Deep colors in Monument Valley

The real magic happens when you slow down and stay here for AT LEAST a night. I recommend taking the road deep into the valley a couple of times to explore the place as the light changes. Early morning and late evening of course. And the night sky…! I’m sure I will make my way through this place again one day. Till then, I am sure I have a few more images to work on 🙂

Here is another post I shared from out here as well with a hotel recommendation if you have a few minutes…

And again, thanks for stopping by!

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