Deep color in Seattle by the docks and a bit about exploring the art of photography

“You can accelerate your development by giving yourself a fresh set of challenges, or the same set viewed from a different angle, every day. Explore a different path – if it’s a dead end, explore another.” –  Paul Foxton

More on a self challenge journey in a minute…..

While on another lighting director gig ….. this time in Seattle, I had a little time to head out and capture, you guessed it, MORE light. I love catching that special time of the day called the blue hour. Its the time period when the sun has well set over the horizon, the city lights are a glow across the skyline, the the sky takes on that magical hue of blue (hence the name). Of course the HDR process brings a little more of this to life, but you get the idea.

On the docks in Seattle

So I must say, I’ve been missing the creative HDR and refinement process lately. Seems like ever since I kicked the camera gear up a notch or two with the D800 body, the process has slowed down.

Really slowed down…

To be honest with you, those huge raw files started to really clog up the pipeline in the older MacBook Pro that I have always used to process with. It got to the point that I was waiting so long for Photomatix to kick out the file that I just gave up! Not too much fun when the tools slow you down. Kinda makes it painful to create ya know? That being said, I finally bit the bullet and sprung for the latest and greatest MacBook with a solid state drive. Wow! Absolutely no comparison. Amazing what happens to the machine in 5 years of the world of computing world. In fact, I’ll do a comparison soon and share the results. (remind me if I forget!)

Sometimes its time to just “sharpen the saw!”

Needless to say, its time to get back to the art!

Speaking of art, I know I missed Sunday and my Meet the Artist segment, but here is a short one anyway.

Meet the Artist – David Duchemin

I haven’t shared many inspiration photographers on this segment of the blog, but this is a great place to start! I was inspired after reading 2 of his ebooks that I finally got around to devouring this weekend to give myself a little freedom to explore the art a bit. My normal trip out the door to a place like the fair would have me dragging around a larger camera body, but for todays trip, I decided to go a bit simpler. Ill share a bit more about that process and what I was able to “see” with a simpler kit later this week. Until then, check out Davids work below. His blog posts are an amazing and insightful journey into what it means to live, create, and challenge yourself as an artist.


For the Love of the Photograph from Craft & Vision on Vimeo.

Places to find David

His website

His books

His ebooks at his Craft and Vision site

His Podcast


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