Deep color on the West Palm Beach Docks

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. DO IT NOW!” – Paulo Coelho

I’m not exactly a morning person, so I must share how I captured this one. It’s a little different when I am out on those “image gathering specific” trips like the one I am about to embark on in a couple of days as each day is usually focused 100% on finding the best light possible. Those golden hours, the hours before and after sunrise as well as sunset are of course the best time to be out to capture that special light. And while on those trips, its a given that you are up regardless of the weather predictions, because that is the mission!  When back at home however, it takes some extra special light to drag me out. I guess we all get a little lazy as we get used to seeing our local surroundings. It can sometimes be a little difficult to see your familiar world in new, fresh, and exciting ways….but that’s a post for later.

The intracoastal is but a few steps away from where I live, so I…well….kinda cheat! On this particular morning, like so many others, the alarm went off about 15 minutes before sunrise. The next step is usually a groggy one eyed squint out the window only to be disappointed at the sky. The covers of course usually then just seem to find their way over my tired body to comfort it before getting up for my normal routine. More times than not, it happens this way.

On this particular morning however, that one eyed squint turned into a 2 eyed gaze complete with long jaw drop and frantic trip out of bed to grab the camera gear and head out the door. Camera gear packed and ready to go? Weeellll, not so much. Good thing the battery was charged at least! After a couple stubbed toes, it was out the door and a mad dash down to the boat docks to set up a shot. Nothing like a brilliant light show to start the day 🙂

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As you must know by now, I am a big lover of quotes. I don’t remember always being that way though. I guess my recent search for deeper meaning into my own art, purpose, and life has rewarded me with a few nuggets like the one above. I don’t always carry them on the tip of my tongue, but thats what google is for 🙂

That being said, I am once again heading off on another little journey in a couple of days. Doing what I love to do….

When asked this evening whether I was heading out for a work project or vacation, I found it hard to answer yes to either one of those. I never really look at these trips as a vacation as they are so mission driven, but I do tend to drive my self pretty hard. In fact, even when I am lighting a project with my team at Hylite, it rarely really feels like work. To some though, it would seem like work, but to others who punch a daily clock, I guess it could be considered a vacation. To me, its just a great way to live. Searching for color, light, and scenes to capture and share with you all…..its what I just love to do. Like Paulo mentioned above, shouldn’t we all find a way to do what we want to do?

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