Deep in Dublin – Testing a new High Key effect

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is an amazing amount of inspiration, guidance, and education in this world of digital art creation out there! Its one of the things that has attracted me and to be honest with you, has retained my interest in the craft. The world has definitely shifted with this age of free flowing ideas and veils of secrecey being lifted in just about every industry. A life of continual learning is there for you, if you choose to partake in it 🙂

I noticed this technique from a Scott Kelby post a while back and saw it surface on another post here the other day. Kind of a cool technique, and even cooler that Scott shared it.

Here is my first crack at it! Like he mentions here, its a look that you either like or not.

For those cloudless days, its nice to know I have another way to take the direction of the image (in post).

No clouds, no problem….

Deep in Dublin

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