Details of a European Cathedral – A side trip to Canterbury

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I’m quite sure that I am supposed to have more of a spiritual journey when I enter places like these, but as a photographer and image gatherer, an equally deep side of me seems to take over. My initial few moments is where I get lost in the immensity of the “house”……in the details, the light, and the story. The many artisians that devoted part of their lives to creating these masterpieces for all of us to admire and enjoy so many years later…..amazing really. Places like these are part of what has captivated me ever since my first European journey back in the early 90’s.

Well, shortly after my little journey of artistic contemplation, it becomes time to get down to business. First item to work out? How am I going to head out into the see of tourists in a “stealth like” mode with tripod and kit to capture this incredible edifice? (Without looking like a clod that the security folks would want to get rid of)

A few basic tips of mine are:

1.    Have the camera already on the sticks with the legs folded up
2.    Have the camera dials preset and ready to go
3.    Envision the shot before you set up to expose
4.    Respect the space you are in and the other guests
5.    Have an authentic “I really am in awe of this place” look on your face and not interested in photographing it.
6.    Wait for a clearing in the mass of people
7.    Put on the cape (very important step here)
8.    Open the tripod…swoop in fast…and capture the shot
9.    Fold up quick and exit the scene
10.  Hide the cape while you search for your next location!

Hope these tips were a little help to ya! 🙂

And oh yeah, here is a quick link to the cathedral here. Canterbury-cathedral link

It’s in Canterbury (duh!) just outside of London. Definately worth the side trip….. (but remember the cape!)


And having the right music in the earbuds certainly helps get you in the creative mood. For me, a little Pat Metheny always does the trick 🙂

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