End of another day

Enough of those penguins already eehhh? What were those posts all about, geez!

When the sun starts to set here in Florida, its kind of a toss up for me. I have given up trying to figure out whether I am going to be treated to an incredible light show or not. I have scrambled many times out the door, an excessive amount of camera gear clanging around by my side, only to be dissapointed. Whats even worse is glancling out the window and catching an incredibe glow….knowing damn well, that its too late to get out to a great location. That’s the worst actually…..

When I get a chance to head out, there is one secret place I like to head to just west of town. I never really see anyone there…. I feel like like its my secret place. Even if the sky disappoints me, its still a few moments….still, quite, and peaceful moments with nature…..and isn’t that what its all about really.

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