End of the day at Boothbay Harbor in Maine

“The secret to success in life is for a person to be ready for opportunity when it comes.” – Benjamin Disreali

You might be wondering…..”Mike, really, what’s with all the quotes lately….this used to be a quote free blog. Do you actually follow all these?”

Well, the short and skinny is “u bet!” I am a firm believer of the fact that you are what you feed your mind.

Of course, this shot of the harbor that I created this evening after dinner has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the quote however……..kinda strange now that I look at it…..anyway…

I intended to post a little link to a video that I shot on the way up here today and have been waiting for the Iphone to upload to youtube, but since that seems like its gonna take well over a couple of hours, I think I’ll link to a little Coldplay that I listened to while working on this image tonight. (that was WAY too long of a sentence!)

Its been heard a million times, but I kinda like this quirky version. Enjoy!

Update….its uploaded, and sadly….here it is……

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