End of the day in the Cote’ D’Azur

I absolutely love train travel! For me, some of the best tracks around are the ones that trace the coast of the Mediterranean. Here in the South of France or specifically….the Cote D’Azure, there are endless little pockets of goodness to explore about. Yummy! Pick a train, pick a random stop, and go!

And on a totally unrelated note….I got chickens…lotsa chickens! I paid a little surprise visit to one of my newly acquired rental properties today and took a peak around back at one of the units and …. well…there was this cage, with what appeared to be about 5 or 6 chickens. Actually, looked like mix of roosters and hens, very strange non the less.

So, now that were rambling here a bit, here’s something even more unrelated…..

Just a quick clip of a pretty cool “fire effect” we created for an event this evening. Worked out pretty cool actually. As always, my rock star crew helped make it all possible.. Thanks everyone!

Now, what to do about those chickens……..hmmmm……

(more on all this later…..)

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