Enjoying a life of learning

“Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study.  Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.”  ~Henry L. Doherty

I think one of the things that has continued to keep my mind interested in this field of digital arts and image creation is the fact that there is really no end to the process of learning about it. I mean, photoshop on its own (not even counting all the plugins and add ons) is so deep, it could take a lifetime to master it. Live long learning….its a great disease to catch!

Like I have mentioned before here on the blog, the REAL teacher of the future will be almost like a coach. The raw data is out there for all to grab with sites like the Kahn Academy, but we are still humans. We need and crave inspiration. Our educational system is in an amazing evolutionary period right now, and as a parent of a middle school child, I like to keep my eye on this transition. It will be interesting to see how and if our country not only embraces the opportunities that are available now and in the near future, but also if the teacher of the future is given the freedom to coach, motive, and inspire instead of focusing all of their energy into teaching for the standardized test scores. Hmmm…..all right, off the soap box…….

For my inspiration, I like to head over the artists at Kelby Training. From camera gear, to software, to flash, to techniques….its a treasure trove of amazing content. Worth a peek here I promise you!

Learn Online from the World’s Top Pro Photographers and Adobe Photoshop Experts!

The Daily Image – In the Absence of a Canvas

So I’m not a painter, but sometimes like to play like one in the digital darkroom. Filter>Oil Paint. I like what it does to the sky. Almost like I set up an easel out there 🙂

I created the structure for this image from a quick visit to a lighthouse that was at the very end of a drive up a small sliver of land in Michigan just north of Traverse City. Along the route, there were several wineries offering tours, tasting, and lodging. Who new Michigan had a wine industry? I didn’t! Funny what you learn as you bumble around the country 🙂

In the absence of a canvas



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