Entertaining each other … and a quick flight from the drone!

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen.” – J.K. Rowling

The gate keepers are all but gone …… and we appear to be entertaining each other.

There seems to be a very strange shift going on. I have talked about it before with family and friends but I am not sure if I am being heard. That seems to happen often though. I have mentioned countless times about how the major networks and film studios must at the very least be a little concerned with what is taking place before their eyes, but I don’t know. If their creations are being funded by the investor that can afford to loose a bundle, then I guess the investment is at the very least …. feeding the mouths of the creatives involved. Boiled down, I guess thats a good thing ….. even if short term …. but where is it headed?

So what the hell am I actually taking about? Even I am wondering …

I just walked home after dropping a couple of coin to watch a movie at my local 8 screen cinema. I decided to unwind and get into a story that, for some reason, had a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. The only one there I was. On a Friday night at 10PM …. the ONLY one in the theatre. Is this sustainable? You tell me?

I do know this though. I was held captive for about 50 minutes but completely lost interest. Sure, a part of me was wondering where the hell everyone else that was looking to escape into a great story on the big screen was at, but beyond that … the story being displayed before me could not hold my interest. To be honest with you, I was more entertained walking the 2 short blocks home catching up on some instagram stories from a few folks that I randomly follow for one reason or another. Again, we appear to be entertaining each other! I mean, I had 60 times the viewers of a couple of cloud clips from my IG story than were seated in that theatre. An as I walked home, the story continued to be played out on a big screen … in front of NO ONE. Millions of dollars to create a story that no one was watching. Not that I have a lot of views here on my daily dribble of image and thought, but there are not millions behind me as I type this either.

Again, the gate keepers are not in charge anymore … and I think they might be a LITTLE bit concerned (or perhaps SHOULD be … )

So like the mega malls, are the large Cineplexes doomed to extinction? Are we ALL the new entertainers of the future? Thoughts?

On a completely different note….

As this is a photoblog, guess I should drop an image off here before I sign off. This one, taken a while ago, yet never shared. From a cool place I like to wander down to from time to time to catch the color, light, and reflection. A couple short blocks out the door. Should visit here more often not that I think of it.

Actually been spending a few mornings down there launching the bird (drone) as of recent. Created this little collection of clips from my first 2 flights down there. A great place to watch the morning light unfold. Hope to catch some tomorrow morning if the weather is nice 🙂

More to come 🙂

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