Entree to a New Year – Welcome 2016!


Never been much for the concept.

Goals however, a much different story. I’ve got lists (trust me, I LIVE by them) hung all over reminding me of my yearly and monthly tasks I want to complete. My favorite location for these lists are right on the wall that leads out of the bedroom. Hard to miss on a daily basis (unless I am on the road of course). This year, I have decided to give the monthly reminders list I create (this is a great way to stay on track by the way) a cute little name…The Monthly Mission….(all right, its not THAT cute)… a list that addresses several areas of life I am always working on and fine tuning.

So anyway, although I don’t like to refer to this time of year as the time to create the resolution (as they usually are forgotten and abandoned by mid February), I DO like to fine tune and address the list of GOALS. One of which is to finally get back on track with this blog! Lots of images to share from the archives as well as a few projects I am continuing to work on, so its time to stay focused….again! Remember when I used to post EVERY DAY?! Yeah, its gonna happen again in 2016 so lets get started 🙂

The road less traveled

Not all posts are going to be epic, or insightful, or coherent (like this one LOL!)

I will do at least one thing…..post an image. An image I created with the sole intention of sharing right here, on this blog. I mean that was the original focus of the blog (I think) until my time got watered down a bit with Facebook, Instagram, etc. Lets get focused again shall we?!

The one above, one from a trip up to see the ice caves in the Apostle Islands (still can’t believe I was driving on this ice lake!) in fact reminds me of another goal…a trip somewhere to photograph each and every season.

I hope you will stick around to see where I wander off to 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by…and nice to be here again!

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