Event in the Cathedral Room at the Boca Resort

This past week had the Hy-Lite team and I rockin’ out a few cool events. And, as luck would have it, before the dust settles we have a few more right around the corner! Tis the season around here.

Our week started out with a 3 day event for Loreal in Boca. I was personally around for the 1st and 2nd evenings events. Monday was an ice breaker event poolside. As the load in schedule was a bit tight, all right….REALLY tight, I wasn’t able to get any shots 🙁 I must say though, it looked awesome, and I wish I did. I hung around to actually help tear down (sometimes its the only exercise I get), and must say that the cool South Florida air coming off the ocean coupled with the sound of the ocean waves actually served as a bit of therapy. What a great evening it truly was. I guess its all in the perspective sometimes.

This image was created from the 2nd evenings event. Bruce Sutka and his team of artisans created what most of the resort staff referred to as the most impressive use of that room they had ever seen! I must say, its always great to be part of the magic 🙂

Look for more from this event soon.

Oh yeah, I gave up trying to straighten up this one!

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