Everglades Fundraiser

Let it be known that my initial plan of starting this daily outpouring of random thoughts, images, and recollections was that not only would my photography and photoshop skills be given a daily workout, but I would eventually begin to fine tune my creative writing skills. Well, hmmm, not all of this seems to be working out. Sure, the images are getting a bit better, but as I ramble on with the apparent writing skills of a 3rd grader, I am beginning to wonder if my literary skills have improved at all in the last 11 months. With all that being said, I reluctantly introduce this evenings little post……..

As crazy as this schedule was, I still cranked out a couple of shots before the guests arrived. The scene was the annual fundraiser for the Everglades Foundation. A cause that any Floridian should believe in as it needs all the help and awareness it can get. For the previous 2 years, we were at Donald Trumps MaraLago and were given about 2 days to complete our setup. Albeit a more elaborate setup the previous 2 years, this one was still a challenge. The Breakers Hotel was host to the event this year and Gloria Estafan was the name entertainment. We were given only 5 hours to turn the room over after the meeting let out. I hope to post some YouTube video someday, as it was CRAZY during this turnover. We should have had 7 hours, but as I think I mentioned before, the audio engineer for the name talent had to mouth off to the wrong person and delay the entire crew from access to the room when promised. Nice going eight ball! Guess you had what was coming to you when you lost power to the console and lost your presets. Karma my friend!

On a better note, even though the entire fundraising society here has been a bit down with the economy, the auction went surprisingly well. After dinner, Gloria and her band brought the house down and a great night was had by all.

Everglades Foundation - Just before the guests arrived

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