EVERYONE can paint ….. kinda

“Every artist was first an amateur” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

So I finally went to one of those sip and paint places. You know, paint a little, sip a little, paint a little more….. and hey look at that, I am creating some art! Sprite for me tonight though. Glad I did too cause I think I was pretty focussed on the process. Really fun actually. Again, always wanted to try this. Bought a round of gift certificates for the family last Christmas and we finally all got around to making a go of it. Good times 🙂

Thought of this image tonight that was in the hopper to post I created from a raw file taken a couple blocks from the house a while ago. Another way to paint …. with a few digital plugins, but a way I like to create those evenings when I am “pretending” I am a painter. A Topaz plugin (me thinks) if you are interested.

Daybreak by the Waterfront

So, I guess I should post what we painted tonight now that I mentioned it. A couple of iPhone quickies we shot just as we were leaving. Not too bad I think. The face was tough, but again, great fun! Give them a try sometime as they are all over the country. Uptown Art is the place 🙂

Not too bad!
The young artists 🙂
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