Exploring the markets of Annecy, France

Again, just a quicky post today (Mike, is that anyway to start a blog entry? Really…..)

Been a little busy recently working on a cool photography project I’ll share a bit about soon. It kind of involves a few things I am personally passionate about, but like I said, more on that soon 🙂

That being said, I still want to try to stay current for those out there who like tuning in for the daily image.

Here is one I shared with my Facebook peeps today…..

Marketplace in Annecy-2

As I mentioned there, these little markets throughout many European villages are so cool! The bread guy, the cheese guy, the produce guy, the wine guy….what more do ya need? I captured this one while wandering the cute little town of Annecy this past summer 🙂

I’ll go into the process a bit deeper on a future post, but I have been playing around with the “Impressions” plugin from Topaz. I really love the options on this app. The latest version upgrade to 1.1 has even more styles to choose from! Again, a deeper dive soon as I am fading fast as I type this (actually, this is such a boring post that I hope YOU aren’t dozing off as well!)

I need to start outlining these posts don’t I……?

Anyway, check out some of the other cool toys from the cool folks at Topaz here. The Impressions plugin is what I used to create those “painterly” looks of parts of the image above. (I kinda already said that didn’t I?)

Yeah, its time to turn in……


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