Exploring the Small Falls along the Stream and a Digital Photography Quick Tip Tuesday

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha

Into the woods with the kit. Cel phone off. Look, listen, and immersing myself. Looking for light. Unplugged and loving it!

I chatted a bit here in this post about capturing the energy of the waterfall. Check that out if you have a few minutes, but its pretty simple. The geeky details for this kinda shot? This one was 100 ISO at 8 seconds and an aperture of f16. Could have shaved that down a few seconds and closed the aperature of course, or used a neural density filter. Either way, its about limiting the light a bit to get that soft look…if that’s what you want.

For this one, I then “painted” in a few little chunks of light to highlight the rock tops and water. Subtle, but still there.

Now that I look at it a bit deeper, I could have vacuumed the place up a bit though don’t ya think?  Geeez!  Next time 🙂

Small falls along the stream

Upon my realization that yet another Tuesday was here already (man do the days fly by!), I created this for ya today. Sure they are random, but all good tips (most of them at least)

Let me know what ya think!

Quick Tip Tuesday – A few random tips (I mean REALLY random)

I chat a bit about…

  • Lens hood storage
  • Pelican cases for memory card storage
  • Reversing the memory cards after use
  • Small tripods
  • Backing up images during uploading from Lightroom in the field
  • The camera strap by UpStrap

Enjoy 🙂

Or click here for the video!

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