Fall paints the Colorado Hillside and a Quick Tip Tuesday

I like traveling with a loose itinerary. It gives you those options to chase the weather, or in this case, the color! My original plan (again, a loose one at best) was to head up the East side of Utah and explore the “Islands in the Sky” area of Canyon Lands National Park. After a quick stop and a chat with a former Coloradian (is that a word?) at a visitors center along the way, I quickly changed my route.

Fall color time! In the middle of September! Who knew? Well, not me!

And a quick right turn into Colorado it was 🙂

Man those Aspens are beautiful!

Here is a quick one from a pull off I found just as the color was starting to get pretty vibrant. As the sun started falling and they became backlit, they just exploded with color. I have a few more I’ll share soon 🙂

Fall paints the Colorado hillside

And just to geek out a little bit for my photographer friends out there that use Lightroom (kind of a small niche I am sure, but this one is for you). I picked this tip up from Jullian Kost from Adobe the other day after a quick freakout while looking at the total image count under each parent folder in my Lightroom catalogue. BTW, Jullian is pretty amazing if you don’t follow her work. Hmm, seems like a great artist to share on my next Sunday post 🙂

Anyway, here is todays Quick Tip Tuesday clip.

Enjoy and let me know if this has happened to you!

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